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Do You Have a Problem That Has Gotten Too Big to Handle Alone?

McAllister Law Group helps people resolve disputes through mediation, in court, in arbitration, on appeal, and in other, similar legal processes. Most of its clients are individuals and small to medium-sized businesses and most of its work relates to real estate, construction and general business issues.


A typical client may have one of any number of problems (the following are, of course, only examples of the myriad cases Marlis handles). The client may have been party to some type of transaction in which the other party has failed to fulfill his or her promise. She may be owed money for some reason and need help collecting it. He may be a contractor and need help recording or foreclosing on a mechanic's lien. She may have purchased a home and discovered problems not disclosed prior to close of escrow. He may have hired a contractor whose workmanship was shoddy. McAllister Law Group helps people like these obtain the funds they need to solve their problems.


McAllister Law Group also helps people defend claims asserted against them, whether they have been sued already or are involved in some type of pre-litigation dispute resolution process. There are always two sides to every story. Whether the client disputes the claims vehemently, agrees that he or she has liability but has no funds to pay the claimant or falls somewhere in between, Marlis is happy to help him or her find a workable solution.


Close Interaction and a Practical Approach

Marlis truly enjoys working with people to help them resolve their disputes. She works closely with her clients, making herself readily available to them so they always know what is happening and are as involved as they want to be in the dispute resolution process. Happy clients are her goal!


The person or business that will benefit most from the services of McAllister Law Group is one involved in some type of dispute too big to resolve without help but not big enough to avoid being a small fish in the big pond of a multi-person law firm. Marlis focuses on a practical approach, tailored to each specific client and his or her situation, whatever it may be. Thus, the type of assistance she provides varies greatly from client to client. It may consist only of writing a letter and making a few telephone calls -- that works sometimes! On the other hand, if parties have dug in their heels or the amount in dispute is large, resolution may require full-blown litigation or even resolution through an appeal. Whatever it takes, Marlis will stick with it until the problem is resolved.

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