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The McAllister Law Group Difference

If you are an individual or a small to medium-sized business, you may already have discovered a big firm is not for you. With the risk of being overlooked or overcharged, it is not the best place for you to seek advice.


McAllister Law Group’s mission is to provide superior legal representation to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses, tailored to the client’s specific needs, using a highly skilled professional team and relying on common sense and practical experience.


Its goal is to enable clients to improve their productivity on their lives and/or businesses rather than on their problems and to help them achieve success by leaving difficult situations behind with a minimum of disruption.


We Aim to Exceed Your Expectations

With the following practices, we hope to make your experience with the legal process as positive as it can possibly be:


High quality professional services provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. Regular communication with our clientele by being readily available either in person or via voice or email (with prompt return calls) during office hours. A practical approach, tailored to each specific client and his or her situation, whatever it may be.


Big Client Service At A Small Client Price

I truly enjoy working with people to help them solve their problems. I work closely with my clients, making myself very available to them, so they always know what is happening and are involved to whatever extent they want in the dispute resolution process. Happy clients are my goal!


The person or business that will benefit most from my services is one involved in some type of dispute that she, he or it is unable to resolve without some type of assistance. The type of assistance I provide varies greatly from dispute to dispute. It may consist only of writing a letter and making a telephone call or two -- believe or not, that works sometimes! On the other hand, the parties involved may have dug in their heels or the amount in dispute may be large, and resolution may require full-blown litigation. Whatever it takes, I'll stick with it until the problem is solved.

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